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November 20, 2009
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Soft  Rains

Sokka stared at the ocean for a moment before walking back inside to his room in the boat. Suki and him had been travelling for three weeks now. When they heard there was someone after Aang they took the first boat that sailed from Kyoshi Island to the Earth Kingdom without a second thought.

"Its taking too long….".-Sokka muttered bitterly.

"Don't worry, honey. We'll get there on time.".-Suki said, trying to sound positive, although she wasn't sure if they would get there on time.

"I hope so".-Sokka sighed.-"Its been a while since we've heard of him"

"He's with Toph, he should be fine".-Suki said.

"Yeah, but even the metal bends with rain".-Sokka answering, wrapping his arms around her.

"Then, lets hope there will be soft rains".-Suki said, feeling Sokka pulling her softly towards a couch, where they would cuddle up everyday and try to forget about stormy weathers.


Katara stood in an Earth Kingdom's train station, as she watched the only way to get to Aang drift away. She just let the train go, something told her she wasn't supposed to interfere in destiny's way. She sat down on a bench and  placed her bag on the ground next to her.

"What a stupid thing I just did…I should have gotten on that train…".-Katara sighed.-"Stupid, stupid, stupid..."

"If getting on the train was so important, why didn't you jumped in?".-Some asked from behind her.

"I…because Im stupid, that is why".-Katara said.

"No, that's not true, its something else, isn't it?.- He asked again.

"Im afraid".-Katara answered.

"Of what? Storms in the Western Air Temple? People said its been raining heavily.".-He asked her and chuckled.-"A master waterbender shouldn't be afraid of that!"

"Im not afraid of storms!".-Katara said.-"Becuase even if it rains for days! I know there will come soft rains!"

"Really? Will they?".-The figure asked.

"Yes they will, Zuko, they will!".-Katara said, standing up and turning around to face him.-"Even if you don't like rain!"

"That's the Katara I know, now lets go to the Temple".-He said, already walking towards the entrance of the train station.

--------A few days later….

Unfortunately the gang arrived too late to the Western Air Temple. Aang had been killed a few days before they came. Katara still remembered the goofy child Aang used to be, her pupil, she couldn't believe it when Toph told them what happened.

"A group of rebels got into the Temple a few days ago. I was scared, for the first time in my life I felt fear!".-Toph had said.-" Those guys were dangerous, I knew it, he knew it. We had to hide, but they would easily find us… so Aang told me to run into the forest and don't stop running until I felt him coming…".-Toph stopped as she felt her cheeks wet, she was crying. That surprised everyone, Toph never cried.-"Well. As I was saying…I ran into the forest but and waited for Aang to come but…but….he didn't, I waited for him all night and he didn't come, so I decided to look for him. And when I got here he was laying on the floor, hurt badly, I remembered I felt like dying…there was blood all over the place and on his clothes. He took my hand and whispered a single thing. When our child are scared of thunders on rainy  days, remind them…soft rains will come and then he died…".-Toph sighed.

Katara and Suki hugged her instantly. Sokka and Zuko offered her their condolences, took Aang's body out of there and cremate him. After that Toph let Aang's ashes fly with the wind, as free as they should be. The gang moved together to the Western Air Temple until Toph could take care of her children on her own and decided where to go or what to do.

Seven months later, in a stormy night, Toph gave birth twins, Katara and Zuko got engaged and Suki got pregnant.

"I guess the only one without children  is me".-Katara said one day, going inside the nursery to help Toph and Suki take care of the twins.

"But soon you'll be just like us".-Toph and Suki answered.

"Maybe".-Katara said smiling a bit. A thunder was heard and the baby Katara was holding start crying.

"Don't cry, don't cry".-Toph whispered to the baby she was holding, who start crying too when he heard his brother cry.

"Yeah, it'll be ok. Its only rain. It'll stop raining soon".-Suki said, soothingly.

"That's right. And even if it doesn't, never forget there will come soft rains".-Katara said, rocking the baby back and forth. Toph smiled, it has been a while since she heard about soft rains.
My entry for the contest, I hope Im not late....

I thought of making it a Zutara but I decided to try a more Taang focused story. Hope you like it!
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